Advantages Of Geofencing Marketing


Marketing is such a wide activity when it comes to the success and wholeness of a brand and it is such that a business must find the best ways. In this discussion we are going to look at the advantages of geofencing marketing and how it works. It can be defined as carving out a zone such a s a neighborhood or building on a digital map. There are four elements that are involved and it includes the barrier this is where one is able to have a sort of a preset so that they know the area in question. Another aspect is the crossing the messaging and permission this where one is able to seek the permission to access the customers number. You can look up “what is geofencing marketing” online to get a better idea about how it works.

This often includes the brand app engagement where consumers download an app and you are prompted through a notification hen the customer enters that given area. There is also text engagement whereby consumers opt in to receiving text messages on their mobile phones from a brand. There are many advantages of this kind of marketing that include targeting whereby the company is focused on a particular set of clients as opposed to the whole lot of the consumers. There is also the benefit of spending effectively the reason is that one is able to set aside a less budget. This is so because one is able to concentrate on specific people as opposed to the marketing where you have to concentrate on everything. This type of method is based on a particular audience thus you do not spend much which is a good thing for the organization as everyone is looking on ways of cutting costs Another highlight is that there is better data control as you know where all the data is . Another advantage is that there is better attribution which is due to one being able to see the advertisement how it was viewed and by whom. This is quite good as you are able to have a upper hand in the marketing aspect s you know what areas to work on so as to improve on this type of marketing. Personalization also comes into play whereby you are able to know the local population the purchase history of the people thus get a better understanding of them. In the end of the discussion we have been able to know all about digital fencing or geofencing marketing.

Check out the video at for an introduction to Geofencing.


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